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Me and Jane Doe (LP)

Digital release available via kimlabel.bandcamp.com

Side 1:
1. We’ll sway and call it dancing
2. Tiny scraps of hope
3. Hit them where it hurts

Side 2
4. In tails, in tales
5. I keep her secret safe
6. Kate
7. Purple / Gold

Cover Art:
Denise Kottlett / Don Chanel
Breasted Tales 2013
Photo: Ute Hoelzl

Ulrike Schott

Produced by Me and Jane Doe
and Sebastian Meyer (tracks 1, 3)
and Wolfgang Möstl (tracks 2, 4, 5, 6, 7)
All tracks mastered by Patrick Pulsinger
Released May 2015 by KIM www.kim-pop.org

Special thanks to:
Franz Aigner, Moira Hille, Ute Hölzl, Marea Alta, Sebastian Meyer, Christian Moser, Wolfgang Möstl, Patrick Pulsinger, Andreas Rustler, Ulrike Schott
released 02 May 2015

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